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Teoxane Webinar

Dr Nik was recently invited to host a webinar sponsored by Teoxane. This webinar took a slightly different approach which is usually to do with dermal fillers and injection technique. Instead Dr Nik was able to interview Chiza Westcarr and talk about the ‘holistic approach’ to aesthetic medicine. Chiza Westcarr is a leading authority in nutrition, gut health and also dermal therapy. She is renowned in Australia for her expertise in this area and works across both Dolce Vita Skin clinic and also the infamous All Saints Clinic in Double Bay (owner Dr Joseph Hekeik).

In the interview Dr Nik covered a wide range of different topics including: nutrition and your skin, effects of alcohol, smoking and pollutants, acne and rosacea. Chiza was amazing as usual and spilled the beans on current studies and the latest in this area.

The webinar was broadcast to hundreds to Teoxane listeners from all across the globe!