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Silk Laser Clinics Roadshow

Dr Nik has recently been travelling around the country visiting some of the Silk Laser Clinics in various states where he has been teaching the Teoxane approach to injecting dermal fillers. Having recently taken on the role of medical advisor to the Silk Laser Clinics he was chosen to run this educational event and share his knowledge of anatomy and his injecting techniques.

As Dr Nik is a KOL (key opinion leader) for Teoxane, he has an in-depth knowledge of their dermal filler range and therefore was able to educate the nurses in his techniques, namely the ‘no trace face’ – the idea that you can have effective and natural looking results using dermal fillers without the puffy, overdone and fake look that has so often clouded the industry and been evident in the press.

Dr Nik visited Sydney, the Central Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane and finally Perth where he gave presentations on anatomy, technique and insight into the various Teoxane products, followed by live injections The event was a huge success and the feedback from the nurses was overwhelmingly positive.

Silk Laser Clinics Roadshow - 1

Silk Laser Clinics Roadshow - 2

Silk Laser Clinics Roadshow - 3

Silk Laser Clinics Roadshow - 4