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About ND Skin

New treatment alert: Profhilo

Dr Nik was lucky to be asked to trial this new product and is one of the first to use it in Australia. Having corresponded with colleagues in the UK for over 5 years prior to its arrival on Australian shores, the results of this treatment speak for themselves!

Profhilo is a brand new (to Australia) and unique bio-stimulating dermal filler using hyaluronic acid. It is a treatment which PLUMPS, HYDRATES and leaves your skin GLOWING like you have never seen it before! The effect is due to stimulation of collagen, elastin and also attracting water at the cellular level of the skin. This is not to be confused with a skin booster or a volumising dermal filler!

It is usually done in 2 sessions about 3 weeks apart and we can treat: FACE, NECK, DÉCOLLETAGE and HANDS and the results are AMAZING!